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Boyfriend/Friends with Benefit What is the real difference



There is a thin line between falling in love and remaining in the friend zone. A lot of times our hopes are dashed when we realize that in a relationship we read one thing when in reality its another. Its very important to define our relationships to avoid sleeping with a broken heart… Lól. For all my single friends out there here are some signs its time to define your relationships:

  • You are together all the time.
  • Everywhere you go people assume you are a couple.
  • You tell them everything before you tell anyone else.
  • They are the last person you speak to before going to bed.
  • You have told all your friends and family about him or her.
  • You think of them a lot.
  • You say so much good about them than bad.
  • You get jealous when their attention is on someone else besides you.
  • You are not interested in dating anyone (because you are hoping you can have something more with them). 10. You leave things behind at their place.
  • You find out that you are yourself around them.
  •  You don’t like it when someone says something bad about them.
  • And lastly, You are always there when they need you.

Yet, they never say directly that you are their spouse!!! If you find yourself in this place right now, please sit the other party down and have ‘the talk’ where he/she tells you to your face where you stand before we hear stories that touch!…. Well this is just my list, add your own!

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