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Too much Happiness can cause Heart Attack, says doctors




Too much happiness could cause heart attack, doctors warns: To much happiness can trigger a heart attack, a new study has been found. Its is well known that extreme emotional distress can cause a potentially fatal weakening of the heart. According to new research discovered that Joyful events can trigger a dangerous condition called the “broken heart syndrome”, doctors and researchers reported Thursday. Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), as it is also known, involves the sudden weakening of heart muscles, causing the left ventricle the chamber which pushes oxygen-rich blood through the body to balloon out abnormally at the bottom. Besides acute chest pain and shortness of breath, the condition can lead to heart attacks and death. It has long been known that an unexpected emotional shock typically something unpleasant can provoke an attack. But statistics were lacking, and no one had ever investigated whether an intensely happy event could give the same result.
 DR Christian Templin and Jelena Ghadri, both of University Hospital Zurich  set up a global registry to track cases of the syndrome, which is fairly rare. 
“The disease can be sparked by either positive or negative experiences. For reasons the researchers do not understand, 

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